About SampleRite

SampleRite Ltd provides a complete solution to sample management. Our focus is to work closely with clients, delivering sampling campaigns that meet specific business demands, whilst providing maximum commercial benefit and impact on the bottom line. We handle a variety of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals including dyes, corrosive, toxic and flammable products, alongside the capacity to manage specialist food and pharmaceutical grade products in a controlled clean room environment.

SampleRite Limited was established in 1994 to address the growing demand for a specialist sampling service for the chemical industry.

Headquartered in Elland, Yorkshire, UK, SampleRite offers a global sample management service, from sample preparation and distribution, through to extensive sample analysis. We deliver to clients’ customers in any part of the world, within a matter of days.

Efficient provision of product samples is essential to driving sales, but can be a challenging task, with many hidden costs.

As an ISO9002 registered company, SampleRite delivers the highest levels of service to their clients. In 2007 we became part of the 2M Holdings Ltd Group of chemical companies.


We now manage the sampling services of a number of blue chip chemical manufacturers and distributors, working across the entire chemical industry in sectors such as:

· Cosmetics
· Personal Care
· Agrochemicals
· Coatings
· Dyes
· Pharmaceuticals
· Biocides

Our highly customised approach and dedicated team ensures the highest level of service at every stage of the sampling process.

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